Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Perfectly Paired

The purpose of this project was to get those who are excited about food, excited about cheese. And we had so much fun doing it. 

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin identified 32 of the most notable cheeses from the state and we were tasked with creating pairings for each and every one. 

Food stylist, Steffi Endres came up with all kinds of ideas for each pairing before narrowing in on those featured. Then writer David Haznaw took all of those pairings, taste profiles and the history of each cheese and turned it into 16 scripts.  

We shot all 32 cheeses over the course of 4 days utilizing 2 distinct sets & crews inside the same studio. One focused on the preparation of each cheese or dish. And the other focused on showcasing the final product. 

And yes, we tasted everything. It was all just as delicious as it looks. 

Director Daniel Kinney

Producer Jenna Wilcox

Editor Daniel Kinney

DP Jordan Post & Jon Sovey

Food Stylist Steffi Endres

Writer David Haznaw

Project Lead Sydney Daly

Creative Director Maria LaLoggia

Production The Diligent Company