Jones Dairy Farm

Next Generation

After collaborating with Stephan & Brady for nearly a decade on all types of projects they turned to The Diligent Company to handle the latest Jones Dairy Farm campaign. We assembled a tried & true crew to make the product look its absolute best and allow the CEO to feel comfortable in front of the camera. The animation was tightly storyboarded but we brought it to life with the horizontal motion as well as proposing the final surprise of Philip stepping out of the picture frame to deliver the final line.

  • Director ‘Next Generation’ Vinnie Besasie
  • Director ‘Timeline’ Daniel Kinney
  • Agency Stephan & Brady
  • Editor Daniel Kinney
  • DP Mike Gillis
  • Creative Director Emily Shea
  • Production Designer Carrie Byrne
  • Food Stylist Kathryn Conrad
  • Producer Jeff Maiers
  • Production The Diligent Company