Lands’ End


Sales videos of all kinds are quick to highlight the features and benefits of products. This project focused more on the potential customer. The portrayal of real, blue collar workers as the unsung heroes they are, allows for a natural and unforced connection to the brand and products. The writing carefully avoided heavy handed pronouns that would give the narration a specific perspective. The camera treated subjects more like athletes by having them heroically posture. This allows the perspective to come from them as a collective and also conveniently shows off the product.

Winner of WAVE Award from Madison Media Professionals.

Winner of Gold ADDY Award from American Advertising Federation Madison.

  • Director Daniel Kinney
  • Writer Daniel Kinney
  • Editor Daniel Kinney
  • DP Michael Palzkill
  • Creative Director Daniel Hetzner
  • Producer Matt Cowden
  • Production Mirror 34