Milk Means More


We made a 2 day shoot happen in 1, providing more content for the client at a cheaper price and it made the whole project better! Here’s how we did it. 

The concept was simple enough, 4 spots with 4 total locations with 4 setups at each location and talent in every single shot. That’s 16 setups across 4 locations.

Hustle. Sure… maybe? But setup & tear down from each location would have eaten half the day. And performances would have been continuously rushed. Allowing for only 1 or 2 takes and a few moments for reactions. Overtime would have been inevitable. That’s a no-go. 

Green screen. Actually, sure. But composites end up with an identifiable flatness across everything and dynamic lighting always causes problems. Plus there are limits on hairstyles & wardrobe. Let’s think of a better solution. 

Here’s what we did. DP Jordan Post spent half a day shooting background plates at all of our potential locations, then, in studio, we projected each background behind our talent. This allowed us to do everything in 1 location. We were able to adjust our lighting & composition for each shot in camera. Then, to top it all off we added props between our talent and the background. 

For the edit we captured a full 360 view at each location so that we could ‘paint’ additional information into each transition. The result is an ‘effect’ that’s nearly indistinguishable from shooting on location.

Director Daniel Kinney

Agency S/B Strategic Marketing

Editor Daniel Kinney

DP Jordan Post

Audio Dustin Harmon

Mix Dan Geocaris

Casting Jenna Wilcox

Creative Director Emily Shea

Production The Diligent Company