Toppers Pizza

World Tour Documentary

As COVID restrictions lifted, the CEO of Toppers Pizza along with his wife (Head of HR) set off on a mission. They decided to visit every single Toppers location in the country and we followed along to document everything. Well, almost everything.

First, we worked closely with the client to craft an outline so that we had some sort of blueprint to follow for the production. Next, we identified the best locations and employees to send the crew to film with. We collected an enormous amount of assets from iPhones that were utilized throughout the entire tour. Then, we sat them down to talk about their entire experience.

Finally, the editing process was no easy task. Despite all the planning that goes into a documentary there will always be stories that require crafting and moments that need to be found. Luckily after days or sorting, sifting, crafting & construction, the first draft required only a few tweaks before the final draft was approved.

This documentary was so well done. Whomever did the the pre-production and field producing really knocked it out of the park in terms of prepping the environments, getting the customers, and having the staff prepared and ready to go. The Director did a nice job of knowing what they wanted out of this piece and then working with the team to execute it. There was a clear amount of preparation and vision that was communicated across the creative and production teams in order to get it executed at this level. The attention to multiple and different camera angles, as well as interesting and relevant B-roll and interviews, allowed for the editor to have things to play with and make interesting choices in the cutting room, especially for something like this, where the story often is created in the editing room based on what was accomplished in the field. This was clearly a total team effort and it shows. An excellent piece. Congratulations!

Judge’s Choice Winner at the 2022 Madison Media Professionals WAVE Awards

Director Jack Whaley

Editor Daniel Kinney

DP Jack Whaley & Jordan Post

Audio Dustin Harmon

Mix Dan Geocaris

Creative Director Greg Wold

Production Buckhowl